the girl often comes across as too perfect from boy’s POV in my experience, but if you flip that around and do it well, it would be fantastic. if its well written, it’ll be brill.
I completely understand what you are talking about. I’m going to see if I can make this work.
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Boy POV fics are always interesting since they're so rare :)

That’s what I was kind of thinking! I just don’t know how many people would actually go for it, you know?

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I love fics from a little bit of both POVs, but not like changing every chapter. Maybe omniscient?

Maybe third person? That way I could easily slide from one character’s thoughts to the other. However, I really wanted to try first person this time.

Do people prefer reading from the girl’s POV in fanfiction because they like the boy remaining a mystery? I just feel like it’s always from the girl’s or maybe a little bit of both. Do people not like it from the guy’s POV? I’m struggling on this. I can’t decide what to do. Help.


Im hard to love hard to love no i don’t make it easy

Well i couldn’t do it if i stood where you stood

Im hard to love hard to love and you say that you need me

Well i dont deserve it but i love that you love me

I’m looking at the author’s twitter for After and people are telling her she is a great role model. *face palm*

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